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Sales of parts:

Elphie Auto understands that at some point in time, you will need
replacement parts for your vehicle (or a vehicle belonging to
someone you know) since a car undergoes a lot of wear and tear.

Call us before you go to your garage and save your money!
Our prices are the best in the city!

Brakes Shocks Ball joints
Tie rods Windshields Tires
Mufflers Alternators Starters

ANY part for your car at wholesale prices!

Elphie Auto also works with several garages and can get your
parts installed for you at a preferred rate.


Winter, pets and children can be very hard on the interior of a vehicle.
If you would like to restore your car to its shining luster, both inside
and out, please call us. You’ll get your vehicle back as beautiful
as you once remembered it. The interior will be steam cleaned, the
engine will be washed and the exterior will be buffed and waxed.

We can even restore the shine to old and yellowed headlights.


Extra Key fobs   Remote starters Mag wheels
Winter rims Car stereos Navigation systems
Alarms DVD Headrests  


Leather headrests
with DVD player

Also has USB and SD card slots so you can play movies from any media. Comes with remote control / joystick so you can play many included games. Can be plugged into the vehicle lighter / power socket or hard wired into the vehicle’s audio system. Sound comes from the integrated speaker, or you can plug in headphones. You can also listen to the audio via the built in FM transmitter through your car radio, or we carry wireless infrared headphones for privacy.

Regular price:
$299 each

$149 each

Windshield wipers

Elphie Auto carries a premium quality line of windshield wipers that will fit any car. Comparable or better quality than models that sell in retail stores for more than $23 each. Take advantage of our promotion and purchase 2 wipers for $39.99!

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